Monday 8 July 2013

Blogger Fan Freak Out

I am a quilting  blog addict. When I decided to tackle my first quilt in January of 2012, I began trolling the internet so I could learn. The very first blogger that I followed was Old Red Barn Co; her fabulous quilt tutorial got me very excited (though I have yet to use her tutorial). I quickly found many other bloggers, and my very favourite (and many other people's favourite based on her popularity) is Rita of Red Pepper Quilts from Australia.

Here is my point. I have been posting #sugarblockclub photos on my Instagram account and the other day *squeal* Old Red Barn Co (whom I follow on Instagram) liked my photo! When I freaked out about her liking my photo, she commented on my block, my comment and she FOLLOWED me! Holy crap! And then, to top it off, when I posted the picture of my collection of blocks using Red Pepper Quilt's Blogger Bundle I tagged her and she COMMENTED! With hearts!

I'm seriously doing a Quilt Blogger Fan Freak Out!
I know, I know, geeky. But what can I say? I felt like a celebrity had talked directly to me. TWO celebrities! (In the quilting celebrity world that is!)



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