Wednesday 10 July 2013

Zipper Quilt Cutting Has Started

My father-in-law is turning 60 this August and I decided I should make him a quilt. I know this will be a challenge because I want to make a big quilt that he will get use out of, not a tiny lap-sized quilt.

I bought this pattern from Thimble Blossoms:

I'm using a jelly roll of Reunion by Sweetwater that I don't even remember buying (it was very early in my purchasing) and a whole lot of Kona Ash. I think the colours are masculine and the subject matter (dates, mostly) is perfect for a 60th birthday.

I was lucky to have a co-worker make me an acrylic template which eased the cutting burden tremendously.

Here is the pile of delicious parallelogram-ish shapes:

Now I just have to cut 42 strips of Kona Ash and create an equal pile of the solid so I can start piecing. I am not looking forward to that part as much. 


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  1. Just keep reminding yourself how awesome it'll look when it's done, right?

    I think I have a jelly roll of Reunion too, which is kind of funny because I nearly never buy jelly rolls (they're easy to use for some things, but I dunno... I've gotten to like layer cakes better if I want at least one piece each of an entire line). I think I bought it intending to make a particular quilt pattern, which I really hope is stored WITH the jelly roll, else I'll likely never find it again.