Sunday 14 July 2013

Pennsylvania Purchases

I have recently returned from a vacation with my family in Pennsylvania. We went there on advice from a co-worker who recommended Sesame Place, the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia and the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA.  Crayola was amazing and the other two places were okay.

Some observations made on this trip:

  • My husband thinks he knows the lyrics to every song. And he sings along like he knows a) the tune and b)the lyrics. He doesn't know either 90% of the time.
  • Rural New York State and Rural Pennsylvania is absolutely beautiful. The rolling hills and miles of forest are so gorgeous.
  • I always forget that in the U.S. there is High Fructose Corn Syrup in everything. I always forget this and then go into sugar shock drinking pop (not that Canadian pop isn't killer sweet, just not with HFCS), chocolate milk (really?), ketchup (my Heinz tastes great without it) and on and on. It is everywhere and in everything. I happily cracked a "Canadian" Coke when we got home.
  • After eating on the road for four days, salad and vegetables are calling my name.
I couldn't make a stop at a quilt store happen, but I did manage a stop at a Jo-Ann.

Wish we had these here!

This selection is crazy. I still didn't buy much since the quality of fabric is super important to me, but still. The eye candy!

The Cloud 9 called my name. This is what I did end up buying.

You have access, Americans, to way more quilting magazines than we do up here.
And here is what I purchased:
4 yards of Kona White and three Cloud 9 prints.

I got a full yard of this one because I think it would be an awesome quilt backing for a baby quilt!
I wasn't too upset about not stopping at actual quilting stores because this coming week I am going on a (self-designed) quilt shop hop with quilty friends C and A. My credit card is ready!


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