Saturday 22 June 2013

June Kona Solids Bundle and Teacher Quilt Progress

 My Sew Sisters Kona Solids Fat Quarter Bundle of the Month was based on this drool-worthy picture:

Doesn't it make you want some berry cheesecake?

From left to right: Crimson, Berry, Eggplant, Raisin
The colours are more distinct in this photo than they are in real life. The Raisin is really brown, actually, which I didn't pick up just by looking at the tiny swatch on my Kona Colour Card. It reminds me why I love this club.

Also, I have (by necessity) made progress on my daughter's teacher's quilt. I'm going with Thank You Kate for the name of the quilt, and I will post pictures of the finished quilt in a separate post. I wanted to comment on my first-time experience with this:
I have read about it on pretty much every blog I follow but it was not readily available at my LQS.  When I went on a little shop hop in the region with some quilty friends, we went to a speciality thread and notions store (Triangle Sewing) and I picked up a bunch of Aurafil to try. I love it. It goes through my machine like a dream and creates almost no thread dust. I wasn't too adventurous with the quilting of this quilt due to my time limitations, but I can't wait to try FMQing with Aurafil in my future!

I picked some Lilac Pearl Bracelets from my stash for the binding and had just the right amount. Phew! After a marathon of hand sewing the binding I can't believe I'm done in time!
Is there anything Pearl Bracelets can't do?
It is already packaged and ready to go for the teacher on Thursday. I hope she loves it!


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