Monday 10 June 2013


My work life is incredibly busy right now, and while colleagues in similar roles seem to winding down I have a very hectic schedule from now until the end of June. In addition, my husband has been travelling (and will be travelling) multiple times this month out of the country for work so things are even more crazy at home. With this going on, my chances to sew have been few and far between.

Then I read a blog post by Crooked Seams. She was lamenting that she had gone nine days without sewing and made a commitment to sew something- even if for only 5 minutes- every day for seven days. She will be using Instagram to share her progress (she is @crookedseams) and the hashtag #7daysofsewing. Her message really resonated with me. Sewing calms me. It soothes me and lowers my stress. And because of my ridiculous sewing to do list not sewing seems to be increasing my stress level. Surely I can sew at least five minutes each day? I'm jumping on board!

Day One was yesterday, Sunday, and I managed to sew for about 30 minutes which allowed me to finish piecing all of the rows for my daughter's kindergarten teacher's year-end quilt. That was a relief. Today I am hoping to press those rows, and start on the machine binding for my grandmother's birthday quilt. Wish me luck!



  1. Yay Lynn -- I'm rooting for ya. there is nothing like a long to do list to weigh heavy on a person which is more frustrating when it is an activity that you enjoy. I get in at least 15 minutes a day to unwind -- usually while dinner is cooking set that timer (or the one on your phone) to make sure dinner is attended to and your making good sewing use of the time.

  2. Good luck! I may join your quest!