Tuesday 18 June 2013

So Did I Make It?

I committed to doing the #7daysofsewing challenge put forward by Crooked Seams. Did I make it? No, not quite. But I did go from not sewing at all for 12 days to sewing five times in one week. My husband was out of the country for work so I had less free time than usual, and Sunday was Father's Day so we were really busy with that. I still think five days is pretty impressive!

Here are my Instagram captures of the work I was doing:
I finished piecing all of the rows for this quilt (with a less than two week deadline now)

I machine-bound my grandmother's quilt.

I pressed all the rows for the teacher quilt.

I started actually sewing rows together for the teacher quilt. The pictures for this for the two days I did this don't look too different, so I am only sharing one.
I think I needed that little bit of extra incentive to sew, and I am glad I tried #7daysofsewing. Now I need to get my butt in gear to get this teacher quilt done for next Thursday!


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  1. Good job! Hang in there, we are almost finished.