Saturday 11 May 2013

Glimma and Indian Summer

I have a serious fabric addiction. I order much too much fabric and spend much too much money on fabric. I have few other vices, however, so I indulge (more than occasionally) and just try to draw the line somewhere. (Also, I bully other people to buy fabric. I'm talking to you, C).

I have had a Lotta Jansdotter addiction since I first started sewing- even before starting my first quilt, which was six months after I got a sewing machine. It is no surprise to me that I had to have her entire Glimma line when it came out. I tried to resist. Just not very hard. And when Pink Castle Fabrics had their 20% off all bundles promo code, I jumped on that order!
Glimma FQ bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics

Aren't they glorious? The only complaint I have is I don't really like the dusty rose colour  is this collection.
These are my favourite two prints. I might need yardage of these.
I also have been incredibly drawn to Art Gallery Fabric's Indian Summer collection. I figured what better timing than with a 20% off code? I ordered a fat quarter bundle and OMG:

Indian Summer FQ Bundle
Indian Summer- Those colours! Those prints!

How can you not LOVE this print? Those jaunty little foxes trotting around in the mushroom forest? Come ON!
And this print is perhaps my favourite. It is such a beautiful colour combination, just the right scale and so darn gorgeous.

The whole fat stack. Indulgent. And amazing.

Also, there is something about Art Gallery Fabrics. They don't always speak to me- I've only bought a few prints from them before this line- but the fabric itself is just so decadent. It feels thick and a bit shiny and just so...quality. You should try some.


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  1. I am so jealous of both of these purchases but ESPECIALLY of Indian Summer - I have been in covet mode for this since I first saw it.

    Also, I may resent that bullying comment! If only people really knew that your sweet exterior was a mere fa├žade!