Friday 9 January 2015

Off the Wagon

I made a promise to myself that I would cut down on buying fabric. I just have so much of everything and it was seeming excessive. The plan is to shop my stash from September to June. I have been on my best behaviour, until Christmas. Ack! I ordered one thing on Boxing Day (I'll post when it comes in) and I went on a little shopping trip with quilty friend A on the 31st. I did have a list of very reasonable things and I didn't go too crazy, but I did fall off the wagon a bit!

Ottawa Street in Hamilton
We went shopping on Ottawa Street, the fabric district in the city of Hamilton which is nearby where I live. They have lots of upholstery fabric, foam, speciality sewing things and just a little bit of quilting fabric (which is what I was there for, of course!) We went into European Textiles for the quilting fabric and I got a couple of backings.
I like that they have lots of modern, designer fabrics. They are also displayed in this rather charming fashion. As you can see, this was the Tula Pink shelf, next to the Cotton+Steel shelf.
We also bought fabric for A for a cushion for a bench by her front door that she wanted to cover (it looks amazing), and we stopped by a shop where you can take classes and buy all the notions and fabric to make your own bras. Pretty cool, right? That is a skill I bet very few people have! We had a few other stops, including one at a book store, and we had lunch, too. Overall it was a lovely, bright, sunny, COLD day and a fun trip out with a friend!

It was a cold but sunny day. I snapped this picture as we were getting in the car to head home. The bright sunshine and lovely clouds were just the right atmosphere for a day of shopping!
I did buy two things on my list: a black 12" zipper and backing fabric for two of the baby quilts I'm making. I also had to snag those two solids because I NEEDED Ultra Marine (I've been coveting it since the new Kona release last year). That ruler has been on my "to get" list for awhile at it was 30% off, so why not? :)

So this was the damage done. A 12.5" square ruler, a black zipper (that was on the list), backing fabric for two quilts and two solid fat quarters- Glacier and Ultra Marine (aren't they divine???)

So I fell off the wagon, but I had fun doing it and it is not like a bought loads of fabric without purpose so I think I'm still on track!

I think my group of quilty people may go on a February shop hop, though, so I better start saving up willpower starting now!



  1. I lived in Hamilton when I was growing up. As a teenager, I would bike for 30 mins or so, to drool over the fabric stores on Ottawa Street. Thanks for bringing back memories. I was sewing clothes not quilts at that time and fabric was relatively expensive. So it was great to dive into all those piles of fabric and find a bargain.

  2. I've put myself on a similar "diet" for this year. January to June I'm only going to buy what is necessary to finish a project, or if it's such a good deal I can't pass it up. I'm sure I'll slip up once in a while, but I'm going to do my best to be "good."

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  3. Thanks for the Ottawa Street info - I didn't know about it. We visit Niagara a couple of times a year so now there will be a new stop added to our trip.