Wednesday 21 January 2015

WIP Wednesday: Binding and Hurrying

The weather has been chilly. Work has been busy. And home has been extra busy. Sewing and quilting time in all the craziness is necessary for my sanity. 

I have the binding on the orange jungle quilt and now I just need to get all the hand stitching done. This is the sort of project that is perfect for finishing while curled up on the coach watching Downton Abbey.
The quilting turned out better than I had expected on this quilt. I can't wait to post a finish post for this one!
I thought that this Wednesday I would still be working on the binding for my owl quilt, but I got it done! This is a good thing because this baby has arrived and I want to deliver this quilt on Friday!
I love this Bonnie and Camille print on bindings.
What is of greater concern, however, is that one of the babies I thought was due in March was actually due in January. January 30th, actually. But then there were some complications and baby  has already arrived! Ack! I better get a fire lit under my butt and get this baby quilt done quickly! I am using Brambleberry Ridge and it is just so classy and beautiful. I can't wait to put it in the hands of the new mom!
Fortunately it is a simple pattern and it is all cut.
I do hope some of the craziness of life calms down a bit so that sewing isn't something I have to cram into the spare seconds of my day!



  1. Good luck with the unexpected rush baby quilt.

  2. That owl print is so cute! Good luck on your quick finish baby quilt. :)

  3. Both the owls and the giraffes are adorable. I love the bright green and bright orange you put with each. Looks like a good pattern choice that allows the prints to shine on their own.

  4. Look at you... you're a baby quilt producing machine! Thank goodness babies start out small! Love the orange Pearl Bracelet binding and the fabric pull for the early arrival.