Wednesday 28 January 2015


I have a long list of baby quilts that I'm working through, and I thought I had hit all my deadlines thus far until I discovered that a baby I thought was due in March was actually due at the end of January- and then she came even earlier than that!

I already knew what fabrics I was going to use, and which pattern. Because this was a fat eighth bundle of Brambleberry Ridge, I wanted a fat eighth friendly pattern. I found this free tutorial by Samelia's Mum and decided I liked the simplicity.

Here is what the first layout looked like. I decided that it was just too small, so I added a 5.5" (unfinished) white Kona border to bulk it up.
The colours are unusual. My husband and mom don't like the colour combination but I think it is delicate and pretty, and I've been getting lots of Instagram love, so I just hope the mom likes it!
I have been working hard to shop my stash, and I knew I had some chocolate Pearl Bracelets purchased on mega sale from Pink Castle fabrics awhile ago. The brown is much deeper and richer than the brown from Brambleberry Ridge but it still worked out beautifully (I think!).
Pearl Bracelets are so awesome. Did you hear that mini Pearl Bracelets are coming? I can't wait to see that scale.
And thanks to my amazing husband, I have been able to sneak in some sewing time and I actually have it all quilted. I liked the straight-line quilting that I did on my orange jungle quilt so much that I decided to do straight-line quilting (with white Aurafil) on this one too. I like it, but I'm a little worried it comes across as too grid-like. Wait for the reveal to tell me if you agree!
The quilting went very smoothly and added some nice texture to this pretty little baby quilt.
I managed to find a peachy-pink 1/2 yard of fabric in my stash for the binding, which I have made and now I'm do the hand binding. I might even be able to deliver it to the new baby girl early next week!

Though I'm excited that this one is almost done, I can't stop to enjoy it because more babies are coming soon! I've already pressed the green and grey intended for my next quilt!

Do you like the peachy-pink/brown combo?



  1. I think your color combo looks great!

  2. I think this colour combo is great - very modern. My babies mostly lay on their quilts on the living room floor and spit up on them, so darker colours would work in our house!

    Did you use the Pearl Bracelet as backing? And NO, I did not hear about mini Pearl Bracelet. Honestly, I should just give up on trying not to buy fabric. It's hopeless.

  3. I do like the peach and brown combination. Thanks for the link for the tutorial. It's a nice pattern. Would lend itself to lots of different fabrics.