Monday 17 September 2012

Laurie Wisbrun Fan Freakout

Do you know who Laurie Wisbrun is? I have to admit that until about a month ago, I didn't either. When I came across her etsy store, The Scarlet Fig, I realized that I am a huge Laurie Wisbrun fan and that I want all of her fabric lines. All of them. Just pack them up and send them to me!

Those kooky birds sitting on chairs on the purple fabric that I bought on my birthday? Laurie. Those recently pinned donkeys wearing rubber boots? Laurie. I'm smitten. She usually designs for Robert Kaufman, but has her own line through her etsy store (using Spoonflower) as well.

Here is a taste of some of her fabrics:

Whimsical, fresh, cheeky, unique. I love them!

I ordered a couple of fat quarters (I just couldn't resist) and have been obsessively checking my mailbox for them. The package finally arrived today!
The return address- from Laurie herself!

Precious Urban Circus packing tape. Adorable!

La La Llamas FQ

Urban Circus II Lions FQ
A handwritten thank you note! It is like getting a celebrity's autograph!
I am totally thrilled, and now I'm talking myself out of buying some Jack and Jenny fabric (the adorable donkeys in boots).

Wish me luck resisting buying more fabric!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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