Wednesday 19 September 2012

What I Would Have Bought

Despite having no time to sew, I seem to have plenty of time to shop for fabric. On September 18th only, Sew Sisters was having an anniversary sale with 20% off everything. I am leaving on Friday for a weekend in Chicago (complete with two fabric store stops) and I have recently ordered other fabric as well (posts to come as fabric arrives). I DO NOT need any fabric. But the sale was calling me.


My idea was to fill my cart with what I would have bought, post it here on my blog, and hope it feels cathartic and like I did actually buy fabric without actually buying it.

Here is what I would have bought:

1m Kona Solid in Artichoke (possibly my favourite Kona solid right now) $6.38/m

1m Eerie Alley II- Witches and Vampires Pumpkin $4.96/m (To make Halloween bags for my friends' boys)

1m Eerie Alley II- Witches and Vampires Lime $4.96/m (To make Halloween bags for my friends' boys)

1m Kona Solid Coal $6.38/m

1m Kona Solid Steel $6.38/m

Reality? I don't have time to make Halloween bags (nor do I have a pattern right at my fingertips). I need to focus on finishing for Christmas. I don't need those delicious Kona solids. I would be buying them because I want them, not because I have a specific project for them.

There. That was my cart. Not too crazy, right? Somehow I don't feel better. $6.38/m? $4.96/m? Those prices are awesome! Sigh. Hope I don't regret this when it is too late to purchase. Especially that Artichoke.

Dear Santa...

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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