Saturday 29 September 2012

Must...Resist...Starting New Quilt Top...

I am absolutely crazy busy at work, and my home life is equally crazy busy. On top of my daughter's recent start in JK, a new round of swimming lessons and little kid gymnastics, we've also had weddings, anniversary trips and family events. 

With a "To Do" list as long as my arm driveway, I have so little time to sew. It was lovely to spend a bit of time tonight (after my daughter was in bed and my husband was happily occupied playing an X-box 360 game) sewing.

I didn't make a huge amount of progress because I couldn't bring myself to get out the iron, but I did manage to piece all the rows for my friend's son's Christmas quilt, Ode to Seuss.

This is my attempt at an artistic shot of the rows. I can't wait until I get my new iPhone so I can start taking Instagram pictures!
There are 12 rows in total, and them came together very quickly (fortunately). I am hoping to carve out some time tomorrow evening to press these rows and then sew them together. I am wrestling with the idea of a border. I feel like it needs something but I'm not sure if a border is the way to go. A solid might be nice, or one of the two texts prints from the Seuss line that I have (the multicoloured text print will be the backing). I am sort of leaning towards using the black and white text print for a border about 5" wide. It goes against the pattern, but I think it might finish off the quilt nicely. I think I need to sleep on it!

Rainbow Seuss Text fabric- my backing
Black and White Seuss Text fabric- border or just binding?

On top of this very pressing dilemma, I am itching to start a new quilt top. It would give me a chance to cut into some of my new yummy fabrics, and I need to take my ruler grip handle for a spin. Christmas is yelling at me right now, though, so I feel like I need to finish those first:

Christmas Quilts List

  • Garden Trellis Quilt for my mom- top finished, backing pieced, batting purchased- must baste and quilt
  • Brown and Aqua Christmas Exchange Quilt- top finished, backing pieced, batting purchased- must baste and quilt
  • Ode to Seuss Quilt- rows pieced but not assembled

That seems like a lot of basting (my least favourite step) and quilting (my worst skill right now), so I better hold off on another quilt top. 

Well for now, anyway...

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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