Tuesday 18 September 2012

My Favourite Kind of Mail

I have always loved receiving mail. As a child, mail always held a promise of birthday cards, postcards and magazines. As an adult, mail also means bills, so not as much fun. Now I have found an even more exciting thing to get in the mail: fabric.

Today I was delighted to find my Kona Solids of the Month delivery from Sew Sisters. The four colours received are always based on an inspiration photo. Here is September's:
Now, were I to guess the colours based only on the colour blocks on the right of the picture, I would be expecting a very dark, raisin purple and a dark reddish colour. Not so. The colours as they look on the actual fat quarters:
From top to bottom: Mulberry, Kumquat, Citrus and Turquoise
The purple is a very bright purple, reminding me of Michael Miller's Once Upon a Time Princess fabric. The kumquat is orange. I mean super orange (reminds me of a pumpkin). What on earth will I use these for? I guess some bright quilt is in my future!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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