Tuesday 25 March 2014

Another New Baby

Now, don't go crazy. Not a human baby, of course. A new sewing machine is going to be joining my family.


(I may be a little bit excited).

My current machine, a Brother CS-3500H, was a gift from my husband for my thirtieth birthday about three and a half years ago. I knew I wanted to try sewing. I thought eventually I might even try quilting. Knowing it might not stick, I researched a reasonably-priced but not bare-bones machine and settled on the Brother. This machine has been wonderful, truly, with few issues. I was sewing on it the day I got it. 

After having my Brother serviced in September (for the first time in three years) and then having it break two months later, the service tech guy told me that my machine is not made for someone who sews as much as I do. I set about researching and settled on a Janome. After chatting with Linda at Oakville Sewing, I determined that a Janome 6600 would be a great fit for me. I'm hoping it lasts me a decade at least, even with my excessive sewing.

Isn't she pretty?
I will be blogging extensively, I'm sure, about how the transition goes. I hope I love it considering how much of an upgrade it is (particularly in price!). I know my quilting friend A already wants to come over to check it out and drool over it!

What kind of machine do you have? Who loves their Janome? Anyone have a 6600P and can offer me some tips?

Can't wait to bring her home!



  1. I think you will LOVE your new baby. I have the 7700 and adore it!

  2. congrats on your new machine, I have a few janome sewing machines but the one I use them most is my 66oo, I have had it for many years and has never let me down, happy sewing

  3. I have had a 6600P for the last six years and absolutely love it. I sew and quilt on it for hours most days and have had no issues. Like bluenines I am also the owner of several other Janome sewing machines but my 6600 is my work horse. I don't take it to retreats and workshops as it is heavy and I can't see how lugging it up and down two sets of stairs can be good for it. My other Janomes do the travelling. Enjoy your new baby. You made a good choice.

  4. My first machine was a Janome and I absolutely loved her. Unfortunately when I bought her I was sewing clothing not quilts so I didn't care about very many fancy stitches or the ability to lower feed dogs so I moved to a Brother a couple years ago. I'll be excited to see how you like the Janome 6600 because I'm sure I'll need to upgrade from the Brother someday.