Sunday 2 March 2014

February Solids

My February Kona Solids bundle from Sew Sisters continues on the 2014 bright theme for sure. 
Sorry for the sideways picture...I took it with my phone and couldn't seem to turn it once it was imported into Blogger. That family sure does look happy in the snow. Weirdos.

From top to bottom: Cerise, Caribbean, Canary, Violet.
The Cerise is, surprisingly, awesome. I don't really like pink or purple and this is a crazy pink-purple but I love it. It is rich and different and would be a great background colour for a really bold quilt. The Caribbean is one of my favourite Kona colours because it is almost turquoise almost teal (two of my favourite colours!). Canary and I are close friends. After all, I bought metres of it (yards) to make Jungle Jewel and Jungle Jam since it was the border of every block. I don't like the Violet at all. It is a key example of why I don't like purple. It is eerily similar to the colour of my sister's bedroom when she was a child. Yuck.

I am running out of room in my pretty in-colour-order bin to store all these solids. At the same time, I seem to be adding to my stash faster than I'm using my stash. Uh oh. More storage? Maybe. What I really wish I had was more time to sew!


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