Thursday 27 March 2014

Fabric Binge

Recently some close family friends were in the United States for two months and they made the suggestion that if I wanted to order anything that couldn't ship to Canada I should send it to them. You know what my first thought was...taking advantage of free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. on President's Day!

One of these bundles was a planned-for-in-advance purchase, the new Lotta Jansdotter line Mormor. I can't resist her. This is the most colourful collection of hers yet, I think! This was my Valentine's Day present from my hubby. Smart man, he now just asks which fabric I want for various holidays.
Those teal and navy colours/prints are my favourite. Drool.
Aren't they pretty all together? I'm feeling a bit of reluctance to split them up. Maybe I can just admire them for awhile first!

A fat eighth bundle of Cat Nap by Lizzy House. I love Lizzy House (Pearl Bracelets and Jewels for sure, and Outfoxed may be my favourite line ever) but this line wasn't speaking to me until I saw Oh Fransson's (Elizabeth Hart) Cat-QAL.
I also indulged in some Wee Wander. The more I saw of it on blogs, the more I loved it. In particular I want to use some of the prints in an eventual I-Spy Polaroid quilt.
Come. On. Too cute!!

The colours are so saturated and gorgeous.
And Westwood Acres threw in a little mini-charm pack of April Showers by Bonnie and Camille! What a fun surprise!
Here is the whole huge, indulgent stack. I have it right next to me in the dining room my sewing room because they are too pretty to put away in the basement yet. 
So delicious.
Despite these three wonderful stacks I actually have even more new fabric to blog about. Stay tuned, as I will probably include my other purchases in another post. 

Which of my three bundles do you most covet?


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  1. I have been wanting to get some Mormor as well! That collection is gorgeous. Thankfully I live about 10 minutes from the border, so I get fabric from the U.S shipped to a P.O box! :)