Wednesday 19 March 2014

WIP Wednesday: That's A Lot of WIPs!

I always thought I was a stick-with-it-until-it-is-done sort of quilter. I couldn't fathom how you could have 10 or more works in progress. One blogger I follow has easily 300 WIPs. Mind. Blown. However, as a busy mom and an obsessed quilter I do seem to now have lots of works in progress. It often has to do with what time I have because while I don't have time to free motion quilt a whole quilt I do have time to cut the fabric for another one. 

So when I put together this post for Freshly Pieced's weekly WIP Wednesday I was surprised and yet not surprised to discover that I sure do have a lot of works in progress!
I worked on my daughter's teacher's book bag this week.

And actually finished it! It just needs a good pressing (which I'll do in June before gifting it to her) so I count it as a WIP.
I have been spending snippets of time here and there turning those piles in the bin into those blocks at the top. There are lots of steps including pressing and trimming, so it is slow and steady work.

Here is what one block looks like. There have been lots of steps to get to here. I then assemble a quilt of 7x9 of these blocks.

This is a crappy phone picture, but I also have a WIP story pillow for my daughter's teacher. Characters in row one, then setting and finally details.

I have this pulled and ready to make a pillow for my youngest daughter's nursery.

I have this small baby quilt all basted and waiting for some FMQ inspiration.

And I have this cut stack of reds and whites (more whites are waiting to be cut) for a red and white quilt for my husband's stepmother's mother, Nana. This project is lower on the list, though, so it may get put away so I can finish projects that are due in the summer first!

I plan to finish my dad's Architextures quilt, named Tranquility, before I start another project. At least, that's the plan. Who knows what time and circumstances will dictate?

What are YOU up to?


P.S. Be sure to visit my blog this Friday. Something SUPER EXCITING is happening! (HINT: Free fabric!)

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  1. I really love the idea of a story pillow- I've never seen that before!