Wednesday 12 March 2014

Impromptu Shopping and a Story Pillow

My dear husband knows I've been going a little stir crazy at home with our two daughters, what with the super cold temperatures. He suggested I take some time to myself on Saturday which made me think "fabric shopping trip!" After all, I'd run out of Kona White to finish my Architextures quilt top. Then, Thursday night I had a quick visit with a friend who has two little boys and she decided to come along on my trip. 

We made the trip out to a (sort of) LQS, Greenwood Quiltery, followed by a sandwich at the little bakery across the street. The whole trip was less than three hours but it felt like a day at the spa!!

I wanted to share what I bought. For someone who is not supposed to be buying any fabric, new fabric seems to keep arriving...,

This is my favourite, most exciting purchase. An entire bolt of Kona White. Swoon. I asked about it while I was there and she just happened to have an extra bolt that had come in on their shipment. She gave me 10% off if I took it right then and there. SOLD!
17 feet of Kona White goodness. I bet it won't even last the year.
I also looked around for some "people" fabric for the story pillow I'm putting together as an end-of-year gift for my daughter's kindergarten teacher. I found this great Out to Sea fabric and picked up a "boy" one and a "girl" one so that the kids had an option when crafting their stories.
So cute. It was a shame to fussy cut them  but they were the perfect story starters. Once there was a pirate...
Here were my other purchases:
4 metres of interfacing for a bag, some white-on-white for the red and white quilt I'm making, two dark greys (Lucky Penny and one from Botaniques by Carolyn Friedlander) and some...Madrona Road?? Not sure, but I have been coveting those birds in navy.
Here is a little Instagram sneak peek at the story pillow fussy cuts. Once there was a pirate who went into outer space to get some cake...
So much fun fabric. By accident I discovered those astronauts are glow-in-the-dark!
Now if I can squeeze out some sewing time with my two little people around, I would be thrilled!


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  1. I recently purchased a mini bolt of Kona White and Snow. I just love saying, I bought a bolt of fabric!!!