Wednesday 7 November 2012

Decadence : A Finished Quilt

Every year at my husband's mother's house the adults do a Christmas gift exchange. You purchase one gift (this year with a value of $75) and wrap it, and each adult draws a number and opens a present. You can steal from someone who has already opened, or you can open a new gift. Then hilarity ensues as people fight over the most coveted gift.

I decided, with some hesitation, to make a quilt as my contribution. The value is more than $75, but I did already have most of the materials purchased. My stepbrother-in-law is a skilled carpenter who has made beautiful wooden boxes and other objects in the past that were appreciated. I thought that I might delight someone with a quilt.


I am worried because the mix of people is very strange. There are great grandparents in their eighties and my brother-in-law who is 29 and a hard-drinking, life-loving bachelor who would not want a quilt. I decided to go for it because I think that though the men would perhaps not really want a quilt I am hoping their wives would, and that someone will choose this and rather than feeling "stuck" with the quilt be delighted to have it come home with him or her. I am most worried that my quilt will be one of the "unwanted" gifts that people do not want, and after hours of work and loving the quilt myself, I would be quite heartbroken if my quilt was dismissed or unappreciated. I guess I just have to worry up until Christmas Eve and deal with whatever the reaction ends up being!

On that pessimistic note, here is the finished quilt!

Flannelette backing

I love the brown and turquoise together, and I love the way the binding turned out. Honestly, I have someone specific in mind at the gift exchange whom I know will treasure this, and I hope she ends up with it.

I decided to call it Decadence because of the rich jewel colours, the chocolate brown, the pearl bracelet fabric and the flannelette backing. All of those things are just so, well, decadent, don't you think?

Also, a thank you to my friend's husband who trekked out in the cold with me to hold up quilts. He was patient and good natured about the whole thing, and I can reserve my hubby for the next quilt finish (hopefully Seuss!).
Friend's patient husband holding up my quilt

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. If I was there on the day I would snap it up in an instant!

  2. I hope she gets, too. Really like the colors and pattern. Good work.

  3. Who ever gets it I'm sure they will love it...the colours & binding are Gorgeous

  4. What a beautiful quilt, and the colors make it perfect for either a man or a woman. You may be surprised... - maybe that life-lovin' bachelor always wanted a quilt!

  5. OHHHHHHHHHH can I come to the party, pretty please? Great job don't worry they will love it too.