Tuesday 27 November 2012

Stocking Up

Though it is Christmas season, I don't mean that kind of stocking! At my local Fabricland (a store I visit more for notions than fabric, to be honest) there was a 50% off sale for members on everything (pretty much) in the store.

I picked up some batting (two queen-sized and two crib-sized) and these goodies:

I also got some needles for my machine. It was one of those trips that doesn't have much eye candy, but sure ends up costing tons! I got great prices, though, and I now can get to work finishing the FMQ on my Seuss quilt.

As another update, I pieced the backing for the baby quilt on the top of my "To Do" list. Here is an idea of what it looks like (sorry for the shadows but with dark coming so early at night I am always gone before the sun comes up and home after the sun has set!):
Notice the ever-present helpful feline? Having two means there is always a furry friend to lend a paw.
I will be basting this quilt as soon as I can (seems that the realities of life are getting in the way of productive sewing time!) and I will get to work quilting it (I'm contemplating some FMQ stippling, but who knows what I will end up going with!).

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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