Friday 2 November 2012

Finished Quilts are Stacking Up!

I have been using my time very efficiently lately and I am finished (!!!) two quilts and just need to do the hand sewing of the binding on a third quilt. That's progress!

I received my teal and grey snowball quilt back from the long arm quilter, the first quilt I have ever sent out (and, coincidently, also the first quilt I ever pieced!). It began in January and is finally, finally finished. It is for a dear friend's birthday. She will get it November 17. Stay tuned for the glamour shots!

Truth be told, I decided to try my hand at machine binding again. I tried it on my Sweet Baby quilt as well and was not impressed with my results. Alas, I was equally "menh" about this machine binding. But it is a queen sized quilt and huge and I hate hand stitching the binding, so it will work. I know she will love it, with or without the binding being hand stitched.

I also finished the binding on my mom's Christmas present quilt (still a surprise...shhh!) and it looks great! (Hand stitched, in case you were wondering). This quilt (which still needs a name) will also get a glamour shoot sometime soon.
Binding for Christmas Exchange Quilt
Finally, I made the binding for my Christmas exchange quilt, and I stitched it on the front. Now I need a few hours in front of the TV and it should be done and ready to go!

Two finished and one almost finished. Hooray!
Is there anything more joyful than a stack of quilts? Honestly, this picture makes me happy because it makes me feel like a real quilter. I may even baste another quilt tonight. I'm on a roll! (But I still can't find that yard of fabric I'm missing).

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. These look great! If I could get the marking done so I could do the reporting, then I'd make some better progress.

  2. Amazing quilts. you must be thrilled with them. Thanks for visiting my blog