Wednesday 21 November 2012

WIP Wednesday: The Pre-Christmas Edition

My work-in-progress list does not seem to have advanced very far from my last checkpoint, but here are the updates for all my pre-Christmas sewing (noting that my list of January/February projects is super long!).

1. Baby quilt for shower December 13. The top is pieced (isn't it cute?) and the backing is chosen. I have the batting ready to go, but the top needs to be pressed and the backing needs to be pieced (plain is boring).

Backing. Flannelette!

2. Remember this stack of sweet blocks using Vintage Modern? It is destined to be a quilt for my mother-in-law's birthday December 17. Alas, I have made no progress, using all spare time on the baby quilt since that event happens first.
 3. My Seuss quilt is partially quilted. I ran out of white thread to FMQ the borders! There is a 50% off sale for members at Fabricland Thursday through Saturday this week, so I plan to stock up and get  back to work. I haven't made the binding yet, either (but the fabric is picked, at least).
 4. My stockings are not progressing, but here is what is done. This is meant to be a pair, for my sister and her husband. The one of the left (my sister's) needs a loop, and my brother-in-law's needs a cuff and a loop. I have the fabric cut, just not assembled.

I also have finished some things on my list (quilt for my mom, bag for my mom, birthday quilt for a friend) so I don't feel too worried about my list.

How is your list coming for Christmas? Are your sewing projects getting finished in time?

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. Your projects are great! Love that baby quilt - the fabrics are adorable. I'm working on my Christmas projects but not sure if I'll finish everything on time.

  2. All your projects look great. I really like the little owl.