Tuesday 19 February 2013

Comma Sutra: A Wedding Quilt

I have friends, two high school English teachers, who are getting married this spring. When I saw Comma by Zen Chic I thought it was a perfect fit for this young, punctuation-savvy pair.

I am using a tutorial for a layer cake quilt from Mommy by Day Crafter by Night. This is what her quilt looks like:

At first I had some orientation issues with my blocks, but my hubby figured out I just had them on the wrong angle. The problem now is that I am STILL waiting on my Kona White from my LQS (apparently their shipment was delayed) so I can't piece anything until it arrives. 

Here is a sneak peek (minus the white strips):

I am noticing that I managed to make it more narrow than the tutorial so now I have the dreaded task of unpinning all my squares and laying it out again so it is the right size. I really need a big inspiration board.

Also, I decided that nothing is my stash will work for the backing of the purple patchwork quilt I have been making for a work friend. I ordered Pearl Bracelets in Lilac last night and hope it comes SOON...the mom has just found out she will be on bed rest due to some pre-eclampsia concerns, so this baby is coming sooner than expected. Ach! Baby, give me some time to finish your quilt!

Now since I have no white to get going on the wedding quilt, nor white to finish the turned rectangles baby quilt I have blogged about that is in pink or red, nor the Lilac Pearl Bracelets for the purple patchwork, I have to start another quilt. Obviously. I consider all those quilts to be WIP not UFO since they won't be unfinished for long. I have decided to jump into the flannelette quilt in superhero fabric I am making for my friends' son who turns five in April.

Here's to lots of quilts at the same time!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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  1. Do I know the male half of this lovely quilted wedding present? Not to worry, I'll keep my mouth shut!