Sunday 10 February 2013

I Forgot & Quilt Math Fail

After posting about my stash, my friend C made a comment that made me realize that I forgot a shelf that is in my sewing storage collection of sewing books and my magazine holder of patterns.
This shelf has lots of sewing books but is missing Quilting Modern (I had it out to choose a pattern), We Love Color and Modern Patchwork, two recent purchases.
The majority of my patterns are actually in pdf form and stay on this memory stick.
 So there, I do have ways to store patterns and books.

Also, I decided to work on a baby quilt for a friend's sister. I was inspired by a quilt on Pinterest and decided I could figure out the math. I am usually very math-phobic (something I'm working on) but I thought I could manage this. I played with graph paper, sketches, cut out pieces of paper to flip and turn and still I made a mistake with the calculations! (A little something called seam allowances fooled me in the end. Bah). I trimmed my blocks to make them all square and the results are glorious! I LOVE this baby quilt so far (even with all those finicky 1" strips) and I can't wait to finish it for the new mom and her baby girl.
Now I'm just waiting for my order of Kona White to arrive at my LQS...I purchased 4 metres during their white & beige sale but they were out of stock. I hope it comes soon, because this quilt is on hold until it does!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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