Saturday 2 February 2013

Some Fun New Fabric

I am a bit of a total, absolute fabric addict. When I found a blogger post about a sale at     Sew Fresh Fabrics, I hopped over to see what was on sale and I couldn't help myself. Here are the beautiful new fabrics in my ever-growing stash:
From left to right: Forest in Off White from Woodlands by Khristian Howell, Star Charts in Blue from Constellations by Lizzy House, Sheep from Happy Drawing Too by Ed Emberly, Monsterzmash in Pink from Monsterz by Cloud 9 and 1/2 yard of Hedgehogs in Purple from Outfoxed by Lizzy House
I have been coveting the forest print for months but it was only ever available on Etsy sites where it would have cost more to ship than to buy. This gave me reason to give in! The purple hedgehogs will, I think, be part of the pieced backing for a purple quilt I plan to make a coworker who is due in April.

Also, on the same day, my Sew Sisters Kona Solids of the Month Club fabric arrived (A little late this month, so I have been obsessively checking my mail).

From left to right: Pacific, Water, Algeria, Lake
The inspiration photo (which is sideways because my computer is again doing that random thing where it will rotate some pictures but not others) is a snowy, icy January day. And the fabric colour choices are divine!

Coincidently I just ordered 3 yards of that Lake colour for a quilt I'm making my dad for his birthday. I love it in person (I chose it off my Kona Color Card) and I can't wait for it to arrive! (I'm pairing it with Architextures).

I really should take some pictures of my stash to give you a taste of why I absolutely don't need any more fabric. Hmmm. Maybe sometime this week.

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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