Wednesday 6 February 2013

Free Motion Fun

After a disappointing sewing experience with my February Sugar Block Club, I needed some sewing/quilting to go well for me. I tackled the free motion quilting of my Bluebird's Song quilt in the hope that some meandering would be good for the soul. And it was! My FMQ is getting so much smoother, and my stitch length is more and more consistent. I think the white thread looks great on the quilt.

But of course not all things can go smoothly. After finishing the last of the FMQ I flipped over the quilt and noticed this:

Oh %#&*. Just when things were going well. I sighed. But I didn't feel crushed the way I did after my paper piecing situation. I calmly removed a corner of the quilt's stippling (about the size of an 81/2 x11" piece of paper) and then calmly finished the FMQ. Again.

This time no bumps! There are a few small ripples throughout the quilt, but only such that I would notice (I think). I trimmed up the quilt and now need to pick binding. Hooray! I'm going out with her parents in a couple of weeks, so I think I will deliver Bluebird's Song to the little girl whom this quilt was made for then.

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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