Friday 8 February 2013

Orange You Glad?

I'm making binding for Foxy Blocks and have decided on an all-orange colour scheme. Fun!
The strips, cut. I'm noticing they look much more red in this photo than orange. Perhaps because it was taken at night? Or with an iPhone?

The picture above gives you a much more accurate idea of the oranges. I slept on the binding problem and knew I wanted to do all orange by the time I woke up. I found it reaffirming that several people commented on the post and also thought all orange and scrappy. I can't wait to get it on today- since it is a snow day!

I also picked a solid for the binding of Bluebird's Song. I have to match the solid to my Kona Colour Card to figure out exactly what it is,(Update: It is Kona Jade Green, which is very turquoisey/tealy) but since the quilt is so busy I think a solid binding will look awesome.

Here's to some sewing over this snowy weekend!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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