Friday 22 February 2013

Thank Goodness for Quilty Friends

It does seem that when you mention that you are a quilter, quilty people come out of the woodwork. Often, in my experience, quilty people are older than myself and usually fairly traditional. When you find not one but two young, modern quilters, then you are one lucky person! And thanks to these wonderful ladies I have some new sewing items:
Thin pins for better paper piecing and special paper for better paper piecing from my friend A.

1/4 m of Kona White to save the day and finish my red/green/blue baby quilt top (I needed one 2 1/2"x WOF piece and I was getting frustrated waiting for my LQS. Enter quilty friend C to save the day!)
Being able to swap stories about quilting, read their blogs and text them when I really need a bit of Kona White is invaluable. I'm so glad to have them!

How about you? Do you have any quilty friends IRL? Or do you get your quilty friend fix via blogs?

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. LYnn-- until recently I had a similar problem with quilting being that I was usually the age of my fellow quilters children or grand children. I am fortunate that here in NC we have a Modern Quilters guild and the ladies are at least closer in age now so there is more to talk about and designs that they creat is more inspirational to me. You should check your area and see if there is a modern guild it's a great thing to be a part of and opens more dors for IRL contacts. Many of my guild mates are also on the blogasphere and that's an added perk.

  2. I love being your quilty friend too! And you're welcome.