Friday 30 August 2013

And Then There Was This Time...

So I decided to take the easy route and go with a looping free motion pattern over every block in Little Red. I used matching thread colour to the blocks (turquoise, grey and white) so that the quilting doesn't stand out all that much. I like the cohesive look of the same quilting on every block, and though it is not fancy:
a) I could manage it on my small machine and impossibly small harp and;
b) it was within my skill range to look okay afterwards.
The loops are soft and look nice when you see it overall. I'm happy with the choice.
And then, after being so relieved to have finished the quilting, I laid it out on my dining room floor at 10:30 at night to trim the excess batting so I could then square up the quilt and do the binding.

And then I noticed it. Finally. After working on it for weeks. After quilting it for days.
Do you see what I see? Or, rather, do you see what I don't see?
I forgot the borders.

What. The. Hell.

Keep in mind, I have a pattern and the borders are all cut and ready to go. There is supposed to be a 6" border in that Lotta grey around the whole quilt. 

My husband said "Oh, yeah, I noticed that the other day and thought you just decided not to do them."

Well, it is too late now!!!!!!!

So. Grey binding it is. I know just where to get the fabric for the binding.




  1. I'm sure it's not hilarious to you, but it's kind of hilarious to me :D It's just the sort of thing I'd do and then go, "Wait. What?!" when I finally noticed. Maybe you could do them... quilt as you go style, where you quilt the pieces separately and then join them afterward? I'm pretty sure Leah Day has a tutorial on doing that. I mean, if you'd really like to get them on there.

  2. Thats hilarious...just a little tho. I will make you a pouch as compensation. Lol