Monday 5 August 2013

Off the Wagon

I am supposed to be on a fabric fast until September 3. But then I needed to go to a LQS to pick up three metres of Kona Canary to be able to execute a pattern for two baby quilts that are on my to do list and I knew temptation would be too much. It was, after all, the day after my birthday. And my mother gave me money to buy myself fabric. So yes, I cheated. I couldn't help it. Maybe more self-restraint for the rest of August? (Unlikely since I have to use my Pink Castle Golden Ticket before August 31).

Here is what I bought:
Tons of Kona Canary and three fat quarters. The Lizzy House Peeps print is in a colour I haven't seen before, so I scooped it up right away.

A whole bunch of Elk Grove by Birch Fabrics. I am so in love with this combination I can't even tell you.
 I also have started cutting the fabrics for my friends C and P's daughter due mid-August. I discovered the bundle I had put together was four prints short and pulled these out of my stash to compensate:
 I also have been working away on quilting A Zipper in Time. I have had lots of help:
Thanks Marlowe.
 But it is looking pretty good. It is very time consuming because every two inches I have to stop, lift the presser foot, rotate the massive quilt to the next angle and start again. It is very hard on my neck and shoulders but I am more than half done!
I'm doing echo quilting using Aurafil grey and a very loose outline (not measured). My walking foot is awesome.
I am enjoying all this time to quilt. I am already dreading back-to-work in September if only because of the drastic drop in my sewing time!


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