Wednesday 21 August 2013

August Kona Solids and What Happened?

My Sew Sisters Kona Solids FQ bundle of the month has arrived. Here is the inspiration photo:

And here are the solids I received:
From left to right: Sunflower, Kiwi, Leprechaun and Blue Jay.
I don't mind the Blue Jay and the Leprechaun is okay. The Sunflower is a bit too muted for me (too much red maybe? Not a yellow I am drawn to) and the Kiwi is very loud. Not my favourite. I'll add these to my new solids storage and continue to admire my growing rainbow while crafting thousands of ideas for using all these pretty Kona colours!

Also, while piecing Little Red I discovered that the strips between the rows (with the mini nine-patches) have some sort of measuring something that went wrong. 
See what I mean? Not even close to lining up!
I really don't think it was an error on my part (this time). I instead lined up the nine patches with the vertical sashing and then pulled the stitches, trimmed and resewed the centre sashing piece. It seems to have worked and the nine patches will line up much better (though still not perfect).

The summer is winding down and I can feel the sewing time slipping to try to fit in some more sewing!


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  1. The Kona solids seem odd. I'm with you in liking the leprechaun and blue jay, but it seems weird to have an inspiration photo of sunflowers and they didn't send anything for the sunflower centers. Sorry to hear about your trouble with sashing. I'm excited to see how it turns out.