Saturday 10 August 2013

Little Red

I am working away as fast as possible on a baby quilt for my friend C and her husband P who are expecting their daughter August 18th. I missed the shower deadline (and since I was hosting the shower I figured it would be okay) and I'm hoping to give the new baby her quilt when she arrives.

I am using a pattern from Camille Roskelley's Simply Retro and though it looks amazing in the book it also looks deceptively simple. When I actually read the instructions I felt a little bit like I had taken on more than I expected/could handle.

So I made one block from start to finish to decide if it would be worth the effort:
Come on. That is totally worth it.
There are also some fiddly 9-patch blocks for the sashing that involve 1 1/2" blocks sewn together. Yikes! So I made one to see if it would drive me nuts: 
Irritating? Yes. Adorable? YES.
I since have been doing lots of mass piecing and pressing: 

 And chain piecing is saving me oodles of time:

 The flying geese were my least favourite part but I do like how they look once you have them done:

 And the little nine patches are sooooo cute:
Now I am putting the rest of the blocks together and then getting on cutting the sashing. I reduced the size of the quilt from 4x4 to 4x3 because 16 blocks at the size these turn out (18x18 plus sashing!) that quilt would be HUGE. I think 12 blocks will still be a very generous size.

Off to sew some more!


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