Saturday 23 February 2013

I Chickened Out

Remember this quilt top?
Well thanks to a bit of Kona White from my friend C, this quilt top is finished. My original plan was to back it with minky. I love how it feels and I have seen it used on quilts on blogs I follow but I knew this would be a stretch for my skills(pardon the pun).

I bought some pink minky on sale and once I finished this top (or was almost finished) I started sweating. What if I messed it up? What about batting? What if my quilting goes all wonky?

And then I talked to some fellow quilters who cautioned me that minky is stretchy and a big pain in the butt to quilt. So I admit it. I chickened out.

Instead I pieced a back that looks like this:
I notice the colours- the red in particular- look off in this picture. Natural light is so much better than 11:00 at night in the hall.
I think I will practice with some minky and perhaps use it in a future quilt for a backing but this quilt will have a pretty pieced back instead.

I'm glad I chickened out!

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. Such a gorgeous quilt top :) I'd love to try a minky backing at some point too, but am also nervous about it. Maybe some day!

  2. You didn't chicken out, just waiting until you're more prepared. Looks great!

  3. It looks great. It doesn't matter if your plans chnge. Do what works best for you.