Saturday 9 February 2013

Stash Confession

My friend C over at The Edgy Perfectionist posted pictures of her stash. I thought her stash photos were: 
a) brave (after all, opening your closet doors and posting pictures on your website takes some guts) and 
b) demonstrative that her stash is not all that big. 

I decided to try to be brave and to also open the doors to my stash. 

This book shelf contains lots of sewing-related items. On the left is a bin with various sewing notions, patterns, etc. The blue striped container holds my "cool" scraps and the polka dot orange and pink container holds my "warm" scraps.
This shelf holds my starch and 505 spray, my jar of selvedges and various other sewing items (plus my hanging Sugar Block Club blocks).
These cloth bins and cardboard boxes (from Canadian Superstore and Ikea, respectively) are currently taking up an entire wall in our basement "bedroom".
Inside Box 1: Kits and Bundles, plus ribbons.
Top of Notions Bin: Leftover bindings and Painter's tape for basting
Inside Notions Bin: Notions, thread, gloves, etc.

Inside Box 2: Batting remnants
Inside Cloth Bin 1: Yardage (anything one yard or more)
Inside Cloth Bin #2: Scraps of flannelette

Inside Cloth Bin #3: Flannelette. I had to pull some out for the picture because this bin is PACKED. I looooove flannelette.
Inside Basket: Various prints (no fat quarters) less than a yard/meter but more than a scrap. Lots of 1/2 and 1/4 cuts.
This is my favourite fabric storage element- a CD shelf from Ikea that holds all my precuts and fat quarters. I looooove it and could easily use another one. My hubby bought me this one.
Some close-ups of the favourite shelf:
Camp Sur, Dots, Chevrons

Various fat quarters, mostly from shopping trips in the US

Lotta, penguins, charm squares

Some more bundles

Solids (top) from Sew Sisters FQ of the Month, Lotta Bella
And that is just in that room. There is more all over my house. Like these bins in my dining room sewing room with projects to be made:
This box with kits, scraps and all those delicious Kona solids from my husband for Christmas:
And more. Seriously. Stacks of fabric turn up in our office, kitchen, all over the place. And since these pictures were taken, two more packages arrived and at least three more are coming this month. :)

So that is MY stash. It is huge. But never big enough. I easily could sew for five years without running out, but what fun is being a quilter if you're not buying fabric as you go? It is important to note that I have been sewing for only two years. A bit scary if you project forward ten years. I think we need a bigger house.

What does YOUR stash look like?

Lynn (aka Buttons).

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  1. LOL!!! Okay, you make me feel better. Here's an idea for you - get a big binder with "D" rings and a package of page protectors - excellent for holding all your patterns and instructions.