Friday 29 March 2013

Instagram Update: Spring Sewing

I am making some progress on my Spring Quilting To Do list (thank goodness!). This update is all from Instagram (iPhone) pictures, so sorry if the quality of the lighting could be better in some!
Comma Sutra has been laid out and then restacked for me to start sewing into rows. They don't all line up perfectly, but the overall impact is really nice.
I have jumped in with my first Tumbler quilt (I've wanted to do one since I discovered what they were about a year ago) using Tim and Beck's Bungle Jungle charm squares. This will be for our neighbour who is expecting her fourth boy.
The template is from Missouri Star Quilt Company and is made especially for charm packs so that there is minimal waste. The cutting for this quilt was SO EASY.

Here are the scraps. So cute. 
And this is the layout . I think I will add a border as well.
And that is what I've been up to! Here's hoping I get more sewing done this weekend- but with three Easter dinners to attend I might be out of luck!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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  1. The fabrics for your tumbler quilt are gorgeous. X