Friday 8 March 2013

Purple Patchwork: A Finished Quilt

A lovely friend from work just gave birth (almost a month early!) to a little girl. A few months ago I asked some leading questions about nursery colour and she said "purple!" I don't think she has any idea I've made her daughter a quilt and I'm thrilled this last bit of my Lizzy House Outfoxed fabric (and a bunch of purples from my stash) are heading off to be loved by this family.

Here is Purple Patchwork:

This is my favourite block. There are several jaunty foxes and a whole purple triangle. I think it really captures how wonderful this fabric is. I'll be sad to say goodbye to this block. Also, this photo shows the "X" stitching I did in variegated purple thread.
The back is Pearl Bracelets in Lilac (another Lizzy House) and it is bound in Kona Kumquat (with a touch of Kona School Bus)

This shows the diagonal quilting.
Is there anything more rewarding as a quilter than making a quilt for a brand new baby? I hope the family loves it!

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. Very nice quilt. Love Lizzy's fabrics. Your tile quilting looks nice also. When our first baby was born 30 years ago, we received 9 quilts. Most from my mother's friends. Now, I'm feeling that desire to do the same for my friend's first grand babies. I was so inspired by those quilts, and knew that someday I wanted to become a quilter. I want to do the same for these new young moms.