Saturday 2 March 2013

On to Quilting

I have been very productive the last day or two (starting late Friday night) and I now have three quilt tops pieced, and the three corresponding backs pieced (or cut, as the case may be). I also have basted two of the three quilts, Ice Cream Truck and Purple Patchwork.

I am now on to the quilting of Ice Cream Truck (named so for the bright, cheery colours and ice cream fabric, reminiscent of the ice cream truck in the summer).

I am straight-line quilting 1/2" on each side of each seam
Purple Patchwork is basted and ready to go because my Lilac Pearl Bracelets finally arrived!
Here is Ice Cream Truck partially quilted. The centre seams both horizontally and vertically have been done on both sides, all the rest have been quilted on one side.

I hope to get both of these quilts done soon, particularly since Baby E (future owner of Ice Cream Truck) is already here and Baby R (for whom Purple Patchwork is intended) is due any day now!

On a side note, Giraffe Love made it home today, gifted to a dear friend and her new baby boy (her second in two years). She LOVED the quilt (as I knew she would) and coincidentally she has decorated her nursery in grey with giraffes! Her husband, a decidedly un-quilty kind of guy also liked the quilt (I believe he said "Now, THAT'S a boy's quilt") which is high praise as the mom's grandmother is a quilter and the quilts received for their first son were not exactly to dad's taste. :) I'm glad they were both thrilled AND I got to snuggle a handsome, sweet, week-old baby too!

Lynn (aka Buttons)


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