Thursday 21 March 2013

Latest Fabric Haul

I recently went on a little bit of a buying spree at Pink Castle Fabrics to buy fabric JBIWI (Just Because I Want It). My goodies arrived in the mail on Wednesday and I am thrilled with the purchase! I wanted to share some pictures:

2 yards of Living Lattice in Blue (for the backing of a quilt, I am imagining) and some Lizzy House Jewels in Orange (because these jewels are awesome and they were ridiculously cheap)

A full yard of Headliner in Black (I LOVE it) and a 1/2yard of Paris Map in China White.

I know, right? SO CUTE. 1/2 yard each of Nursery Versery Itsy Bitsy Spider, Laurie Wisbrun's Sheep in Park and Llama Love from Modern Home by Monaluna Designs 

THIS is my FAVOURITE of all my purchases. I have looked at this print a thousand times and finally gave in and bought some. I will save some of this for me, for sure because it makes me SO HAPPY! It might be my first Kokka print- Penguins in Blue.

This pile makes me so so happy!
I think this fabric was worth every penny, but I do have a very large stash and lots of sewing I need to do, so maybe instead of buying fabric I should try to sew with that fabric? Just a thought. Now if only I had more time!!

Which of my purchases is your favourite??

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. I see what you mean. I love the headliner fabric and the penguins. Xx