Monday 20 August 2012

Garden Lattice Quilt Blocks

I am working away on a secret Christmas quilt for my mother using a Garden Lattice pattern and a jelly roll of Dandelion Dreams fabric. I sewed them into pairs, and then into fours in tubes (if that makes sense), then pulled out my Omnigrid 98L ruler and made triangular cuts. The resulting squares looked amazing. Here is my stack of cut squares:

I was eager, upon seeing the results of the squares, to assemble a block. Here is my first block:
Other than a need to be a bit more careful with my piecing (and using a tutorial on How My Time Flies on pinning for accurate centres) I was so totally thrilled with the result that I made more. And then more. In fact, I made 12 more blocks. Here are just a few:

See how my centres got better? That was thanks to the tutorial. I think these blocks are really visually impressive, and the fact that every single block is different makes it even better. I think it will be a really beautiful (though busy!) quilt when it is assembled, so I will have to choose the binding, border and backing wisely.

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. Świetna robota!! Ciekawie dobrane kolory ! :)
    Great job! Interesting choice of colors! :)