Sunday 19 August 2012

Garden Lattice Quilt Update

I am making a quilt for my mother for Christmas, and it involves working with a jelly roll and an Omnigrid 98L ruler.
After sewing endless strips first in light/dark pairs and then in tubes, I was then able to use the instructions from the pattern to begin (nervously) cutting the triangles.
I very gently and very carefully removed the stitches from the points of the triangle and got a square that looks like this:
Pretty cool, don't you think? I think they look quite stunning, and I haven't even made them into the block yet (which will have 4 squares and be a variety of colours and prints).

Here is the yield from one "tube":
I love that you get some much variety from one strip of four fabrics sewn together! I did discover that I did a horrific job pressing these strips when they were sewn together into pairs, and I am hoping I can negate the damage with some careful trimming and crafty quilting once it is assembled. I am counting on the fact that this is for my mom, who will probably love it even with my typical novice mistakes!

I will try to post a finished block soon so you can see how it is progressing!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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