Friday 3 August 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had the day to myself with hubby at work and little person at preschool. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this delightful free for fabric! I made my way into Guelph to the Greenwood Quiltery to indulge my fabric desires. Fortunately I have generous family and in-laws who provided me with financial support for my shopping excursion! :)

I was the only one in the store and I made a few rounds first, stroking bolts of fabric and fat quarters and making a list in my head of things I "needed."

I then visited the Remnant Rack:

And there, calling my name, knowing it was my birthday, were these beauties:
Lotta remnants? And the turquoise one was even 30% off! Happy Birthday from Greenwood Quiltery! I grabbed these and began my pile (it grew quickly, trust me).

Also on the remnant rack was this strange, irresistible fabric:
It is Tuffed Tweets by Robert Kaufman. I have not the slightest clue what I might use it for, but it was my birthday and I wanted it. So there.

I did have an actual shopping list with me so I set to work on that. I needed several orange and yellows (2 of one and 3 of the other, though I could switch which was which based on what I saw that I liked), one pink, one green and two purples. These are to finish my rainbow strip quilt that I have already cut from my stash to begin the awesome tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.

I ordered an eighth of a metre of each of those colours. These are the ones I chose:
From left to right: Sherbert Pips Vanilla Pink Play Dots, Urban Zoologie Remix Dots Orange, Outfoxed Fern Stripe Orange, ? unknown yellow, Speckle Sun by Cloud9, Flea Market Fancy Eyelet Green, Outfoxed Pearl Bracelet in Purple, Outfoxed Triangle Toss Purple
Wow, it is seriously bothering me that I don't know what that orangey-yellow one is. It is a tiny tiny grid of diamonds and I think it might be Robert Kaufman something, but the 1/8 is cut in such a way that there is no information on the binding. Do YOU know what it is?

I will post more about my rainbow strip quilt on another day so you can see the finished, drool-worthy stack of 2" strips. They make me joyously happy. (I have issues, obviously).

I continued about the store, admiring the many choices in the children section, and some delicious themed sections:

I also had lots of thoughts and ideas about future quilts, particularly if my one friend (who recently announced she has #3 in the oven) ends up having a boy. These navy fabrics are SO CUTE:
I didn't buy them, though. I restrained myself. (I'll just buy them when I know what the sex of the baby is!).

My shopping was not yet done. Of course not. I had to scoop a ton of fat quarters, my way of taking home some fabric I can't part with yet can't justify buying any yardage. I mean, who doesn't need more fat quarters? (The actual answer is me, but we'll pretend the answer is no one).

I bought this FQ from Outfoxed to add to my stack for my HST QAL:

I picked up these delicious pinks because I really liked them and I almost NEVER like pink:
From left to right: Robert Kaufman Metro Living in Hot Pink,  Sherbert Pips Play Dots in Bubblegum,  Sherbert Pips Puppy Dog Tails in Lemonade
And I was drawn to all these turquoise and greens (my favourite fabric colours!):
From left to right: ? Unknown, Heather Bailey Dotted Paisley in Mint, Backyard Baby Fun on the Vine in Green,  Backyard Baby Windy Day in Aqua, Backyard Baby Birch Forest in Aqua and ? unknown
Ack! Another two I don't know! This is killing me! I really should have written those down while in the store. The green graphic print on the right was calling to me on my last visit and I stroked it but left it behind. This time it had to come home with me. Same thing for the Birch Forest in the Backyard Baby collection. I needed it. You believe me, right?

And one more fabric purchase to show you. It is going to also go in my rainbow strip quilt, but if you were paying attention to the picture above you would have noticed I was one item short on my shopping list: another yellow. I fell for this sandpiper yellow fabric:
Sandpiper from Beyond the Sea by Cloud9 Fabrics
I loved it so much I bought 1/2 a metre instead of 1/8th the way I did with the other colours. The woman cutting my fabric was stroking it as she cut it, lamenting that she was heading to PEI in two days and this fabric just reminded her of PEI. She thought she had no time to make something for the trip. I very helpfully pressured talked her into making a cloth bag she could use while shopping on her trip. She took to the idea instantly, even pointing out the aqua fabric from the same line that she could use for the lining. I have a fabric peer pressure gift, I think. I need to remember to use it for good, not evil.

I also picked up some practical stuff, thread for quilting Sweet Baby (she talked me into King Tut variegated since they don't carry Aurafil) and some needles (used my last one during the piecing of Sweet Baby).

So? How did I do on my birthday shopping trip? And do you know the names of those fabrics that I don't? Please help! And check out my blog tomorrow about the birthday delivery in the mail from Pink Chalk Fabrics!

Lynn (aka Buttons)


  1. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a great day! Glad you enjoyed Greenwood.