Saturday 25 August 2012

Mail Delivery: Red Pepper Quilts Blogger Bundle

I am addicted to quilting blogs (so much so that I started my own!) and have a few favourites. If I had to choose just one blog that I could read every day it would have to be Red Pepper Quilts. The blog is written by Rita, a self-taught sewer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her quilts are modern, fresh and gorgeous (and always sold from her etsy store in about five minutes!).

Here are some samples of her incredible work (all photos are courtesy of Red Pepper Quilts):

You can see how amazing her work is; how bright and vibrant her colours and fabrics are, how beautiful her quilting is. I give you this information because when I saw that Pink Castle Fabrics had a Rita of Red Pepper Quilts blogger bundle, I almost squealed with delight. I hemmed and hawed about buying it until I came across a 20% discount code. I knew I had to have this bundle!

Here is what it looks like:
When I went back to get the picture of the bundle for this post I discovered it is already sold out. Phew! Glad I bought it when I did!

And here is my bundle in real life:

It just feels so...RPQ. I need to think of something special to make with this. There is no way I'm using this for anyone but me! That makes two me-only quilts I need to make: one with Salt Air by Cosmo Cricket (I have a jelly roll and pattern in mind) and one with this bundle that makes me so happy. I'm a quilting groupie!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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