Wednesday 8 August 2012

Working on The List

Today is W.I.P. Wednesday!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It seems that my list of projects grows by each day. I absolutely love sewing and quilting, however, so I am not overwhelmed-yet. Let's hope my mom doesn't drop another project on me! (I kid, of course).

I got all the 5" squares cut for my mom's swimming bag.

White squares on the left, Outfoxed squares on the right

I got a stack of 6" squares cut in preparation for my HST QAL

Don't piles of scraps make you feel productive?

  • Rainbow Strip Quilt- 1 1/2" white strips cut, piecing next to do
  • Mom's Quilt- 2 1/2" strips are sewn in pairs and pressed, next need to be sewn in "tubes" of 4
  • Mom's Swimming Bag- squares cut, some fusible lining and yardage still needs to be purchased
  • Friend's Quilt (not previously mentioned)- waiting for some info on a long arm quilter to send it out
  • HST QAL- January and February are done, March next up
  • Sweet Baby- photo shoot scheduled
  • Superhero Quilt (not previously mentioned)- not even started
  • Bag for my threads- still need to find a pattern
  • Other projects I can't mention for secret reasons- not even started

I have lots to do and only a few short weeks of summer before my sewing time is cut by a huge amount!

Wish me luck!

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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