Friday 24 August 2012

Pineapple Block Tutorial from One Shabby Chick

On Pinterest I have a board with hundreds of sewing and quilting pins. One of the first things I pinned to this board is a tutorial for a Pineapple Block from One Shabby Chick.

This is her finished block:

Photo courtesy of One Shabby Chick
The block appeals to be because of the fabric choices but also because the tutorial seems to produce beautiful seemingly difficult blocks with relatively little complication (aka no cutting triangles!).

I selected some Riley Blake fabric from my stash and got to work:
The initial slicing was not as straight as I would have liked. I will need to practice that.

Results after first cut.

Selected a piece for the outer edge.

And the results of my experiment:

After slicing it to make the edges even (I went to a 10" square slice) some of my inner triangles got their tips sliced off. I think my very hasty measurements (since I was just experimenting, after all) were the cause of this problem. I think the block is pretty neat but not quite as easy as it seems.

My mind is working hard thinking of all the ways I could use this block. Maybe for the upcoming baby in my group of friends?

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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