Monday 27 August 2012

Garden Lattice Quilt Top & Backing Finished

Mindful of my soon-to-disappear sewing time (back to work for me!) I have been working on Christmas projects to try to get them done or as close to done as possible to ensure they are ready to go under the tree.

I have been working on a quilt for my mom as a surprise for Christmas using a jelly roll and a pattern involving an Omnigrid 98L. On Thursday I finished the quilt top and, feeling super motivated, pieced the backing as well.

Here is the quilt top:

And here is a close-up of the borders so you get a better sense of the pattern:

I really liked pieced backings on quilts because I think it adds to the "handmade" feel of the quilt in the best possible way. I went through my stash and the remaining bits from making the quilt (I had a strip of border and two blocks to use). I also pulled out my Kona Slate and Kona Artichoke as they both worked well colour-wise. Admittedly I was reluctant to use my whole yard of Kona Artichoke in one go. I absolutely love the colour and was feeling sad that none will end up as squares or as accent fabric in other quilts. Then I told myself to shut up about it and use it, knowing that I can always order more when/if I need it. Plus, it is for my mom. She's worth it.

Here is the backing:

My husband is not a fan of the backing. He hates that it is asymmetrical. He has the same complaint about Baby Bump's Zoo (though he didn't tell me at the time). I, on the other hand, love the asymmetrical, scrappy vibe to the back. I hope my mom likes it!

Now I need to get batting and actually quilt the darn thing. Basting is my least favourite part of quilting, to be sure. If only I had a long arm quilting fairy in my basement, ready to scoop up my backings and quilt tops and quilt them for me. For free, mind you. I'm cheap like that.

Now to get to work piecing mom's swimming bag, a gift for Christmas that she does know about (she bought the pattern and fabric and told me to make it for her!).

Lynn (aka Buttons)

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  1. Nice job - this came together great and looks fantastic.